The importance of attending college has only increased over the years, as have the challenges surrounding it.  Students are expected to make decisions about their future at earlier and earlier ages, the rules around applying are becoming more and more clouded, ​and the cost of a higher education has become an epidemic. The effects that just the cost is having on families is tremendous, causing retirement accounts to be raided and young professionals to become buried in debt right out of the gate.

     While the cost of college is one major challenge, so too is the process of selecting the right schools to apply to.  The amount of information now available through technology is astounding, but there's so much that it's becoming difficult to sift through.  This challenge is compounded by the fact that there are deadlines to all the decision making right during the time that high school students are in the busiest stretch of their high school career.

    Accolade Financial, LLC has decided to make the college planning arena, and the challenges it brings to families, one of it's focal points.  We make college planning simple, customized and affordable with the following services:

  • Estimated Family Contribution and Financial Analysis Report-  know what you will be expected to pay, and available strategies for your family to minimize that cost.
  • Career Coaching-  personality assessment and career exploration assistance for students that need assistance with deciding on a major.
  • School Selection-  obtain a customized list of best-fit schools to apply to, based on your family's priorities.
  • Application Requirements Tracking-  keeps the student on top of specific application requirements for each school being applied to.
  • Forms Filing Assistance-  avoid common mistakes and confusion on financial aid forms.
  • Award Analysis and Appeals-  we can review your financial aid awards, and provide appeals instructions when appropriate.
  • Funding Plan-  whether saving for college, or already in college, we'll help your family determine the most efficient way to fund tuition.

      Other services available through our partnerships:  Student athlete advising, SAT/ACT preparation, and essay assistance.

*Accolade Financial will always provide a complementary consultation to see if any of the above services would be helpful to your family.​

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