Assistance for Students

Accolade Financial assists students across a variety of college-related areas. Whether help is needed making decisions, finding the right tutor/counseling specialist, or analyzing financial aid awards, we can work with you wherever you are in the process.

Our ala carte services include:

Career Coaching

Implement some “method to the madness!” Utilize our online portal to explore career paths and majors that can lead to those careers. With the profiling tools you can identify which careers are best matched with your personal traits, then meet for an untimed college counseling session with our professional Guidance Counselor.

Career Coaching

The national average for time spent completing a 4-year degree is 6.2 years! A major contributing factor is that many students have not put any science into identifying the majors they’d be most likely to stick with.

SAT/ACT Tutoring

Meet one-on-one with our professional tutor partners. Target the specific areas where you can make the biggest improvements.

SAT ACT Test Preparation

Many schools are now test optional…but are they really? Make sure you understand the specific application requirements at the schools being applied to, and the stats for how many students actually submit scores at “test optional” schools.

School Selection

Are you looking for a small college? A university with a specific Division II sport? Is net price more important or being in New England more important? By filtering all the specifics of colleges and universities in the order of what’s most important to you, we create a very personalized list of your best-fit 15 options. A custom highlighted and bound report will be provided that includes an informative 2-page data report for each school on the list, as well as each one’s estimated net cost after grants and scholarships.

School Selection

There are over 3,000 4-year degree schools in the U.S. How many are you actually familiar with?

College Admissions Counseling

Dedicated individual guidance for the entire admissions process. Organize your applications with a personal application strategy. Track specific application requirements and deadlines. Utilize our college research platform and ongoing admissions support from our College Counselors.

College Essay Coaching

It’s very important to think of your “college essay” as a personal statement, not a 5-point essay. Set yourself apart with interesting information that gives insight to who you are, written with clear voice and proper grammar!

Award Analysis and Appeals

Were you offered the best possible aid package from your top choice? Should a formal appeal be submitted? We will review a school’s financial aid award and compare it to what we’d expect that school to offer you. When appropriate, a customized appeal letter and appeals instructions will be provided.

Award Analysis and Appeals

If you know that a certain college or university will offer substantial merit aid, go ahead and apply even if it’s not at the top of your list. Their award offer may come in handy when speaking with other schools.

While we offer the above services to address common needs, Accolade can also create custom service agreements. For example, instead of starting a school selection process from the beginning maybe a student is already focused on a list of 12 colleges and universities and just wants to know which ones are likely to offer the largest discount.