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Families interested in hosting their own workshop will earn $150 toward college planning services from Accolade Financial, as long as at least 3 other households are present.

Groups such as Boosters, PTO’s, sports clubs, or schools are welcome to host their own workshop as a fundraising event. The information would be presented in an informational-only, seminar style format. A modest fee for attending can be charged at the hosts’ discretion and utilized at 100% for their cause.

Minimizing the Cost of College

Explore various techniques to avoid paying more than you should. Topics include finding the biggest discounts, the financial aid process, and avoiding costly extra years in college. This workshop is best suited for students and the parents of students who are 1-4 years from applying to college.

Saving for College

Understand the cost of college and various ways to save money for college. Included is an in-depth analysis of different savings vehicles and their potential impact on future financial aid. The information presented is intended for the parents or grandparents of children between the ages of 1 and 16.

Student Athletes

This workshop is a variation on “Minimizing the Cost of College,” geared toward student athletes and their parents. Ideal for sports clubs and high school athletic teams, special emphasis is placed on realistic expectations for athletic awards and the added complexities of time management for the student athlete.

Paying for College

How a family pays for college can have a large impact on their future financial wellbeing. This workshop explores the relationship between savings, cashflow, and borrowing, and includes an analysis of various loan options. Parents of both high school and college students benefit most from this material.