25 Questions to Ask at College Fairs

25 Questions to Ask at College Fairs

During your junior and senior years of high school, attending college fairs is a great opportunity to explore different programs, collect admissions information, learn about costs, and discover what type of campus experience you want. To get the most out of your college fair experience, it’s important to ask good questions. Here are 25 questions you can ask college representatives to get a better understanding of their school.

  1. What do students like best about your school? What are things they tend to dislike?
  2. What are the requirements needed to get into a (major/minor) program?
  3. Which academic programs is your school best known for?
  4. If I’m undecided about a major, but enjoy (insert your favorite subjects), what degree program(s) would you suggest I consider?
  5. How would you describe the average program workload?
  6. Can you share the types of information admissions officers use when they make their acceptance decisions?
  7. Do you suggest applying Early Decision/Early Action over Regular Decision? If so, why?
  8. What types of students are happiest at your school?
  9. Is there sufficient housing on-campus or do most students live off-campus?
  10. Do you have financial aid programs or scholarships offered to students? (What steps need to be taken to apply?)
  11. Does your school offer internships for (type of degree program/major) students?
  12. Is there a career center or job placement program to connect with after I graduate?
  13. What is the average class size of students in your school?
  14. What types of support services are available to students?
  15. How robust is your student club program? If I’m interested in a club that’s not available, is there an opportunity to start one?
  16. What types of campus security protocols are in place?
  17. How does your school stand out from other colleges that offer the same academic programs?
  18. Are there unique learning opportunities students can pursue, such as studying abroad or with employers?
  19. Is (degree program) a competitive program to be accepted into? How can I better my chances of being accepted?
  20. What is the average SAT/ACT score students have who are subsequently accepted into your school?
  21. How accessible are faculty members outside of the classroom?
  22. Do you offer hybrid learning or can I take a variety of in-person and online classes?
  23. What type of student wouldn’t be a good fit for your college?
  24. What do students do in their leisure time both on and off-campus?
  25. Can I please have your contact information to follow up with questions as I’m getting ready to submit my application?

Asking good questions helps you to gather the information you need to narrow down where you want to focus on applying to and prioritize which schools you want to send in your application to first. Questions you ask at these fairs also help you make a strong first impression, which may help you carve a path to being accepted at your top choices. College representatives who see you’ve done your homework about specific programs or the college itself will be more impressed. However, don’t be afraid to approach schools you don’t know either – you can get around any awkwardness by strategically asking the right questions and maybe even discovering college opportunities you hadn’t considered before.

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