4 Ways To End Your Senior Year of High School Well

Your last semester of high school can be exciting and sentimental as you attend Prom, participate in graduation, and prepare for college. Instead of slacking off, this semester is more important than ever. Here are the four ways you can end your high school career on a high note.

1. Stay Focused in Class

Even though you’ve been accepted into college, your grades still count. Some colleges expect seniors to maintain a minimum GPA and achieve a minimum SAT score. And don’t forget that you need a high score on AP exams to earn college credit and reduce the cost of your education. Plus, the information you learn in classes during your senior year lays the foundation for college courses and can make your academic adjustment easier.

Stay focused on your senior classes. It’s tempting to slack off, but your future self will be glad you remained active in your classes this semester.

2. Continue to Participate in Extracurricular Activities

The last semester of your senior year will be busy with academics but make sure to participate in extracurricular activities, too. Through sports, band, drama, and other extracurricular activities, you learn invaluable life skills, including teamwork, perseverance, and grit. Extracurricular activities also fill out your resume and are a fun way to express your personality and blow off steam.

Continue participating in your favorite extracurricular activities or try something new during the spring semester. Having fun in your free time is part of the high school experience and offers numerous personal and professional rewards.

3. Save Money for Your College Education

Your college tuition, books, room, and board can be expensive, so start saving money now. Get a part-time job in a field related to your future career. Choose to carpool or take public transportation instead of buying a car. You could even put your skills to work in the gig economy and work nights or weekends as a babysitter, tutor, or landscaper.

Financial pressures are one reason college students drop out. Reduce your future stress and gain new experiences when you save money now.

4. Have Fun and Make Memories

Sure, you have to work hard as a senior, but you can also enjoy this season. Plan to study or participate in extracurricular activities with your friends. You can also explore your city, play games and enjoy hobbies with your family. Now’s also a great time to network with classmates as you strengthen relationships and build connections that could be helpful later in life.

This last semester of high school is a time like no other. Before you head off to college and your new life, give yourself permission to have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.

You can work hard and have fun as you take advantage of all the amazing opportunities available to you during the last semester of your senior year. Reach out to the Accolade Financial professionals, too, as you make the most of your time and set yourself up for success before graduation and beyond.