Complete SAT Prep Now to Save Time and Money Later

Now that college is just a year or two away, you need a good SAT score. This test result can increase your chances of getting accepted into the school of your choice where you can pursue a major you love. Your SAT score could also help you qualify for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid, which reduce the total cost of your college education. Make time today to start your SAT prep. A little investment today could save you time and money later.

List the SAT Test Concepts you Need to Study

The SAT contains Math, Reading, and Language and Writing sections. If you took the PSAT or SAT already, you know which sections you need to practice. Otherwise, you can visit the College Board website and make a list of concepts the exam covers. Use your list to prepare a study plan that helps you practice and master the material on the test.

Gather Prep Material

With practice material, you can feel more confident when you take the SAT. Find SAT test prep books at your local bookstore or online. You may also download apps, join a study group, and make flashcards that help you study for the test. Of course, take practice tests, too, so you know the types of questions you’ll need to answer and how long the exam will take.

Schedule Study Time

While you need to prioritize academic classes and extracurricular activities that are important for college applications and preparation, you also need to study for the SAT. Grab your calendar and block off time each week for study. Closer to test time, plan to study each day. It’s important that you start studying as soon as possible and not cram for the exam so that you can retain as much information as possible before test day.

Work With a Professional SAT Tutor

To increase your chances of getting the best possible score on the SAT, work with a professional tutor. An SAT tutor can identify the concepts you need to study, plan a study schedule and quiz you on the content. With SAT tutoring, you also gain a personal cheerleader who can boost your confidence on test day.

Register for the SAT

Motivate yourself to study for the SAT when you have a deadline. You may also boost your motivation if you pay the fee now. Find upcoming SAT exam dates and register for the test today.

Your SAT score can pave the way for your acceptance into a top-choice school and help you qualify for more financial assistance. Plus, you want to do well on the exam so you don’t have to take it again and so that you can spend more time on the academics and extracurricular activities that look good on your college application. Contact us to learn more about why and how you should start SAT prep now to save time and money later. We’re here to help you successfully prepare for this important test and navigate the entire college admissions process.