Maximize Your Summer Vacation

School’s out for summer. That means you’re sleeping in, going to camp, visiting the beach, grilling in the backyard, and taking family trips. 

Summer vacation is also an ideal time to continue your college preparations:

  • Work a summer job and start good financial habits by opening a bank account and saving money. 
  • Find an internship in a career field you might be interested in so you can meet experienced professionals and begin to develop a feel for that profession. 
  • Volunteer in your community one day a week and start to give back (it’s also a good resume booster). 
  • Read; and read some more. Develop into a well-rounded individual. 
  • If you haven’t taken your PSAT or SAT, dedicate a couple hours each week to studying for them. 
  • Schedule time to meet with Accolade Financial to simplify the college application process.