Students: Don’t Stress Out Your Parents

Earlier this month we shared advice for parents on how not to stress students out during the college application process; today the tables have turned and we share our advice—students: don’t stress out your parents. If you have already started the college admission process—even just by looking at school’s websites—you have a sense of what the admissions process will entail. There will be ups and downs as you make the largest decision of your young life. Here’s our advice for students to not stress your parents out.

Communication is Key

Your parents aren’t mind readers. Be open and specific about your needs from your parents and honest about what you’re feeling and what help you need from them. It might even help to have plans in place ahead of time on how you’re going to share information. It could be a shared Google folder, a whiteboard checklist on the refrigerator, or a specific meal each week dedicated to discussing college applications.

Information Exchange

An early understanding of what information will be shared with your parents, and vice versa, will save headaches down the road. Will you parents read your essay and see your applications before they are submitted? What input will they offer on the schools you are applying to? And what advice will you take from them? Be up front and come to an understanding early in the process.

Set Priorities

Big school versus small school. Urban setting or rural environment. Public versus private. By clearly laying out some basic priorities early on, you and your parents will be operating under the same framework throughout the process.

Trust Your Parents

It’s a stressful time for your parents, too. As a college applicant, understand they want the best for their child. They’re trying to be involved and guide you towards a decision that is in your best interest. Listen to your parents. Trust your parents. And talk to your parents throughout the process.

Ultimately, the decision on what college you attend is yours. Work with your parents along the way, as well as a counselor from Accolade Financial to make the application process as stress-free as possible.