Five Easy College Admissions Tips

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to gaining acceptance to your desired school, but here are five easy college admissions tips that will help set you on the right path. First impressions are important and we believe these five strategies will help set you out from the competition at the get-go.

Get a Job

An internship in an industry where you think you might want to work after college is great. So is something at your family’s company. But so is a job bussing tables at a restaurant, working the register, stocking shelves, cutting lawns, or babysitting. Working at a job where you show initiative, responsibility, and hard work appeals to colleges.

Shine in Your Community

No one is expecting you to find world peace in your free time. However, you can make an impact in your local community with just a few hours each week. Volunteer at the local food pantry or shelter. Participate in community events like bake sales and beautification projects. Give back in little ways to make a big difference in your city or town. Colleges will notice.

Try a New Class

You have to take algebra, trigonometry, and writing. But you should deviate from that core curriculum once in a while to try something different and fun—photography, graphic design, modern art, jazz. You may learn something about yourself and develop a new interest. Additionally, colleges will take note in your desire to expand your horizons and learn new skills.

Do Something for Yourself

High school is supposed to be fun. So is applying for colleges. Take some time for yourself and try something you’ve always wanted to do. Learn an instrument. Pick up a new sport. Read a book. Start a YouTube channel. Taking initiative and displaying curiosity are traits colleges will notice. And they’re good for you too.


There will be plenty of times to stress out during the college admissions process. You shouldn’t be spending every waking hour stressing about college and planning your life to a tee. We’re not saying you shouldn’t take the admissions process seriously; you should. But you should take time for yourself, be happy, and enjoy life. You’ll be happier; and colleges will see that.

These are the basics. If these five easy college admissions tips were helpful, imagine what Accolade Financial can do for you after sitting down and really getting to know your family—schedule your first meeting today.