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College Prep While Social Distancing

The college admissions process isn’t just about test scores and your GPA senior year. It’s a cumulative review of four years worth of grades, activities, test scores and course schedule. Freshman and sophomores can build a strong academic foundation now and begin their college prep while social distancing. In-person classes and after school extracurricular activities and sports are off the table for now, so students should look for alternative ways to remain active


Stay Focused on Test Prep

It may seem too early to begin preparing for the SAT or ACT as a freshman or sophomore. But while you’re home and have time, add some time each week for test prep. There is an abundance of online resources available for you to take advantage of. Create a plan and hold yourself accountable. Take practice exams, evaluate your progress, and adjust your preparation appropriately.

Feed Your Interests

It’s tempting to bing watch another show on Netflix or spend hour upon hour playing video games. A better use of your time is to explore new interests and refine existing ones. Practice an instrument, study a foreign language, work out, learn to cook, or write poetry. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Conduct Research

Use this time to start making lists of your best-fit colleges. Take virtual tours, read everything you can, follow them on social media, and take detailed notes you can refer back to as your college search continues.


Reading regularly helps expand your vocabulary and find your voice. Explore different authors, genres, and writing styles to uncover what resonates best with you. Memoirs and personal essays may be especially helpful down the road as you seek inspiration for your own college admissions essay.

Distance learning and social distancing is a change for everyone. But it is also an opportunity to make the most of your time and to get a head start on your college prep. Our team of advisors is ready to help steer you in the right direction as you lay the foundation for your future.